Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advertising measurements and requirements?

Advertising dimensions are covered in detail in the design section which can be accessed by the Design tab or by clicking here. Measurements are provided in ranges due to variation in truck design, manufacture and class and any special notes will be provided to help you make the best decision.

What is the Flex Zone?

The Flex Zone is our way of providing more for your advertising dollar. For each full size advertisement, we offer 2 or 3 zones within the advertising space that can be changed quickly and economically without replacing the entire advertisement unlike billboards and other traditional media. This is an excellent solution for any business that periodically changes information such as dining, real estate or entertainment venues.

What is cooperative advertising?

A cooperative advertisement allows two or three business to share a single advertising space at a reduced rate and is a great choice for local businesses. Cooperative advertisement space is divided into two or three advertisements and can be arranged horizontally or vertically.

How long will it take before an advertisement is ready to be displayed?

Your advertising campaign can start in as little as seven business days after signing the contract and paying the deposit.

What is out of home (OOH) advertising?

A broad term that encompasses any form of advertising one may encounter while not in the home such as in a radio program at work as well as more traditional outdoor media such as billboards and signage attached to buildings or vehicles.

Research has concluded that out of home advertising when combined with other forms of advertising is one of the most effective methods due to its relative lower cost and high visibility.

Why should you consider OOH advertising in your marketing plan?

Out of home advertising is often unavoidable and offers more impressions at a lower cost than print, radio and television – all media that are experiencing declining audiences every year.

What is the future of OOH advertising?

From a brand owner and marketers point of view OOH is one of the last mass markets medium left to reach general or target audience on a large scale without excessive expense and declining audience share.

Do you offer additional advertising services?

Yes. We understand that advertising is a competitive field therefore we can enhance your campaign with social network marketing and additional enhancements that are in development.

What advantage does advertising on the back end of a truck offer?

Recent studies concluded that on average, driver will spend, at some point, 5 to 10 minutes behind the same semi-truck or smaller delivery vehicles while driving on the road today. This makes is one of the strongest advertising mediums on the market today.

Is the advertising system patented?

Our advertising system is fully patented for all the major delivery, construction and heavy equipment vehicles on the road today.

Is the traveling ad on the truck safe?

Our ads have been tested on over a million road miles in real traffic. Tests were conducted in various weather conditions including rain, snow and extreme heat without incident. Our company is fully bonded and licensed to further assure to each and every customer.