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Mobile marketing for a new era, More than a mobile billboard

Marketing on the Move is more than a mobile billboard that only operates for a limited time. Our patented process creates advertising space on several commercial vehicles where none were before. Box trucks, semi trailers, construction equipment, buses and other vehicles are unavoidable in our modern world and they are always on the road all the time – so your message will be seen not only by commuters but also pedestrians and street level webcams.

Exceptional Recall

A recent study from Transportaion Council of America* concluded the following significant facts about mobile billboards:

  • “Mobile billboard displays boost name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising”
  • “Mobile billboards have an impressive 97% recall rate, virtually unheard of with most advertising mediums” and “there is a greater need by advertisers to more accurately target a message to an increasingly mobile demographic target”
  • “Moving billboards are viewed by 95% of those that drive by and read by 85% of them – almost 2 times more than static billboards.” *July 2002 Outdoor Advertising

Cost Effective

A Marketing on the Move campaign can take your message where traditional media cannot reach and delivery it to specific locations for general audience and targeted demographics alike. It delivers immediate results as driving is an active task and your advertisement is part of the traffic your future customers are actively paying attention to. Our large ad space also attracts the attention of pedestrians for even more impressions. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness while generating interest in your product or service and ultimately increasing your sales.