Marketing on the Move

Marketing on the Move

The Marketing on the Move advantage

Marketers already know how difficult it is to get their message out to the public. Traditional media outlets like radio, television, newspapers and magazines are experiencing consistent audience decline or transition as more people turn to online alternatives. Online advertising is tricky to reliably track ROI (Return on Investment) and prone to abuse and manipulation no matter if you are dealing with pay per click or social marking from Facebook® or Twitter®. Even traditional out of home advertising such as billboards and building wraps are experiencing decline as municipal, state and national governments adopt strict ordinances that prohibit using them.

Our Marketing on the Move® program is more than just a mobile billboard. For a fraction of the cost of any of the above media outlets we offer superior reach, ultimate flexibility and full service art department, printing and installation.

Audience Reach

Using Marketing on the Move as part of your media mix is a highly effective way to reach future customers. Our patented system places your advertisements on delivery vans, trucks and semi trailers where they will be seen by thousands of people every day.

These delivery vehicles travel everywhere and therefore offer more impressions in more locations than their stationary counterparts.


The Marketing on the Move program was designed from the beginning to be the most flexible out of home advertising platform anywhere. We can easily change a section or your entire advertisement in hours, so you can respond to changing demands – an ideal solution for businesses that change regularly such as real estate, supermarkets and entertainment.